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To apply by post please download the application and follow the instructions below. Applications should be sent to:

Roddy McColl
The Mary Salmond Trust
82 Burns Road
Aberdeen AB15 4NS

The objective of the Mary Salmond Trust is to provide financial assistance to individuals and organisations in North East Scotland, which is defined as the local government area of Aberdeenshire, Aberdeen and Moray.

What the Trust supports

  • The advancement of community development, in particular rural or urban regeneration.
  • Organisations and young people by supporting, promoting and developing children and young people’s health, welfare, training, education, civic responsibility and volunteering for the public benefit.
  • Any other purpose that may reasonably be regarded as analogous to either of the preceding purposes.

Maximum grant available – £500

What the Trust does not support

  • Projects which are exclusively or primarily intended to promote political beliefs or political parties
  • General appeals and circulars
  • Retrospective grants
  • Salaries, cost of Consultants, Tuition Fees and General Expenses
  • Capital Projects

What the Trust is unlikely to support

  • Projects which are properly the subject of statutory funding
  • Feasibility studies and other research
  • Assessment Process

The Trustees normally meet every three months. Applications should be submitted by 31 January, 30 April, 31 July or 31 October to be considered for the, February, May, August or November meeting. Applications received after these dates will be considered at the following Trustee meeting.

You are advised to submit your application as soon as it is ready. You will be informed of the Trustees decision within one month of the trustee meeting.

Please note, that as with other charitable trusts, The Mary Salmond Trust usually receives more applications than it has funds to support. Even if a project fits within the guidelines and a detailed assessment has been made the Trust may still be unable to make a donation.

Time Bars

Unsuccessful applicants must wait for 6 months after being notified before reapplying. Successful applicants must wait for at least 2 years from the time of receiving a grant before reapplying. Applications must state if a previous grant has been awarded, the amount of the award, and provide a report on the project for which the grant was received.


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Who we are

The Mary Salmond Trust was set up in 2007 by the former First Minister Alex Salmond in memory of his mother Mary Salmond.

Who we've helped

In the year to 31 March 2020 the Trustees met 3 times and approved 23 applications for funding support totalling £8,826

Apply for a grant

The Mary Salmond Trust provides financial assistance to individuals and organisations in North East Scotland who meet set criteria.